Majestätisk skidfilm vinnare i hantverk.
Genom en okonventionell metod tog man vägen via “hard core”-skidåkarna för att skapa uppmärksamhet åt Philips Ambilight TV. Nu vinner Ahlstrand & Wållgren ett Guldägg i Hantverk för filmen “Afterglow”.

The aim was to produce a film showing Philips’ specialised lighting systems through extreme sports. In this case it was extreme skiing at night with light suits and mountains illuminated in varying colours ! Not a simple brief. We wanted to release a long film on social media and use the skiing community to like the film and spread it. So it was not to be commercial but also be for Philips, a tough balancing act.
We needed the best extreme ski production company we could find with a large social media following. We found Sweetgrass. They loved the whole concept and had already had a similar thoughts of such a night shoot themselves. It was a perfect match. The budget was a Swedish TVC budget but the usage was to be Worldwide ! What we got for the money was four weeks shooting in British Columbia and Alaska with 4 of the worlds best skiers, several amazing music tracks and a stunning piece of film making.
Oct 16th 2014 the film had it’s Premiere at Skandia cinema in Stockholm. 10 months on from the first brief and a 12 minute piece of art and advertising was ready for the World.

Philips AfterglowPhilips Afterglow Philips Afterglow Philips Afterglow Philips Afterglow